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When a person is injured from a slip and fall because a property owner is negligent, the victim may be eligible to receive compensation for his or her injuries. Unfortunately, the property owner and their insurance company may deny your claim or try to pay you less than you are entitled to receive. Working with an experienced premises liability lawyer increases your chances of a successful resolution and helps ensure that you receive the maximum financial compensation for your injuries.

Compensation for Ann Arbor Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall accident occurs when a person slips, trips, and falls on someone else’s property. A slip and fall accident often occurs on property that is owned or maintained by someone else. These accidents are often caused by dangerous conditions like damaged carpeting, poor lighting, a wet floor, or an unnatural accumulation of snow or ice.

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, there are 6 steps you should take to protect yourself and your legal right to compensation.

#1 Get Medical Treatment for Slip and Fall Injuries

The first thing to do after a slip and fall injury is to seek medical attention. The first priority following an injury is always treatment to get better. It is important that you follow your doctor’s treatment orders. If you do not obtain the treatment the doctor recommended, the property owner may claim that you were not hurt or that you contributed to the severity of your injuries.

#2 Make a Report

If you fell and were injured at a business, you need to make sure that the business knows about your injuries. This is often accomplished by completing an incident report. The incident report should include all the details of the accident.

After you receive medical treatment, request a copy of the report. And if police officers were called to the scene, be sure to ask for a copy of their report, too.

#3 Document the Scene of the Slip and Fall

Collect the names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of any potential witnesses to the incident. These statements may help you prove your claim if you decide to pursue legal action.

You should also take photographs of the location where the accident occurred, and be sure to include any conditions that contributed to your fall, such as stairs, patches of ice, uneven pavement, or puddles of water. Remember to include other pertinent information, like the date and time of the injury, what you were doing before the accident, how you fell, and any other details you believe might be important.

#4 Preserve Evidence

Keep the shoes and clothes you were wearing when you fell, and do not attempt to wash or clean them in any way. You should also take photographs of what you were wearing at the time of the incident. These items may become evidence.

#5 Stay Off Social Media

Resist the urge to share details about the fall and any injuries you suffered on social media. These statements can be used against you in the future and could even prevent you from winning a lawsuit against the property owner. Instead of just being careful of what you say, choose not to say anything at all on social media.

#6 Contact an Attorney

Contact an attorney who has experience handling personal injury claims like slip and fall accidents. At Muth Law, P.C., our attorneys offer a free, confidential consultation to discuss your case and how we can help. We can provide you with a preliminary assessment of your case and your likelihood of success.

Slip and fall cases are often difficult to prove, and defense attorneys will advance various theories to try to shield their clients from liability. But with the experience, resources, and expertise of our slip and fall injury attorneys, you increase your chances of a successful result.

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