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Andrew S. Muth

Fax: (734) 481-8752
Andrew Muth has seen how deeply his clients’ lives have been affected by injuries such as amputations, burns, quadriplegia and paraplegia from car accidents or poorly maintained or designed equipment, and he gets great satisfaction from helping… Read More
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Benjamin M. Muth

Fax: (734) 481-8752
Personal Injury Attorney Benjamin Muth joined Muth Law in 2012, and concentrates his practice exclusively in personal injury litigation, including auto accidents, premises liability, medical malpractice, and other serious injuries. Respected by colle… Read More
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Haley Wehner

Fax: (734)-481-8752
Attorney Haley Wehner brings a unique blend of experience and passion to her practice as a personal injury attorney. Her journey into personal injury law began in Hartford, Connecticut, where she worked as a paralegal, working directly with those who… Read More
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Tyler Mason joined Muth Law, P.C., in April of 2022. He is pleased to be able to help people who are facing some of the most challenging times of their lives and is proud of the work he does with the firm. Tyler is often one of your first points of c… Read More