These days, it seems roadways across the state of Michigan receive high volumes of traffic at all hours of the day. Just getting behind the wheel and going for a short drive can potentially result in a serious or fatal crash. Drivers need to be cautious at all times as they attempt to navigate these heavily-traveled roads. With so many vehicles sharing the same streets and highways, car accidents are inevitable.

Recently, a tragic accident in Monroe claimed the life of an animal control officer. The crash happened at the intersection of South Custer and Raisinville roads. According to reports, the officer was traveling southbound on Raisinville Road when a westbound vehicle disregarded the traffic signal at the intersection and violently collided with the officer’s vehicle.

Reportedly, the two vehicles then struck a third vehicle. Authorities said the animal control officer was critically injured and rushed to a local hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, she died two days later at the hospital. Police said the driver of the westbound vehicle may have been under the influence of alcohol and also was suspected of involvement in a previous hit-and-run crash.

No person wants to be involved in an accident. Yet, nearly every driver will be involved in a crash at some point in his or her life. Despite stringent traffic laws and updated safety measures, serious and fatal crashes continue to increase every year in Michigan. Families who have suffered the loss of loved ones due to negligence in car accidents can take action by contacting a legal representative. A successful lawsuit could provide much-needed compensation to help families medical and end-of-life expenses.

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