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Car Accident Victim in Hospital

Catastrophic Car Accident Causing Surgery or Death

A catastrophic car accident causing surgery or death is rare. We all make mistakes behind the wheel. We miss traffic signals, get distracted by radios and phones, or narrowly avoid accidents on the hi…
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Medical Bill with PAID Stamp

Passenger Injured Due to Driver's Negligence: Who Pays?

Sometimes it’s a close friend, an acquaintance, or a even family member: They agree to drive, but through their own fault, injure the passengers. They may collide with another vehicle, loose con…
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Medical bills for Catastrophic Car Accident Injuries

Catastrophic Car Accident Injuries in Michigan

If you or someone you love was injured in a catastrophic car accident or motorcycle accident, you probably have questions. You may have medical bills piling up that you can’t afford to pay. You…
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Ann Arbor Safe Passing Law

Ann Arbor Safe Passing Law to Take Effect January 2017

In December of 2016, the City of Ann Arbor unanimously adopted an ordinance requiring motorists to create a five foot buffer between their vehicle and a bicycle on the street when passing. The new ord…
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University of Michigan Student Hurt in Car Accident

My Child Is a University of Michigan Student Hurt in a Car Accident - What Should I Do?

It's a call that no parent wants to receive. Your son or daughter is away at college. Your child was hurt in a car accident. What should you do? Who do you turn to?
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