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Woman Doctor Looking Upset Because of Medical Malpractice

Clear Cut Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases can be notoriously complex. With the stakes high, they are vigorously defended, and often require testimony from various experts. Sometimes, however, medical malpractice is c…
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Call a Lawyer About My Health Concerns

When Should I Call a Lawyer About My Health Concerns?

You or someone you love was admitted to the hospital, but something went wrong. The procedure resulted in debilitating, catastrophic injuries, or even death. You understandably have questions. But whe…
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Jury Verdicts

The Center for Justice and Democracy has just published a report concerning verdicts in civil liability cases and media coverage of them.  They found, not surprisingly, that the media, particularly o…

Michigan Legislature

There is a new bill which has been introduced in the Michigan legislature to require licensure of midwives.  A “certified nurse midwife” is a registered nurse who has been issued a specialty cert…

Bariatric Surgery

According to an article in the October 13, 2011 New England Journal of Medicine by Julie Engelfinger, M.D.  the indications and needs for bariatric surgery on obese children and adolescents continues…
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Lung Cancer

Lung cancer, despite research and new therapeutic approaches, is still overwhelmingly a fatal disease.  As reported in the October 13, 2011 “New England Journal of Medicine,” by the time of diagn…

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