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Michigan Malpractice and Personal Injury Attorneys

At Muth Law, we understand the severity of your medical malpractice and auto accident injuries. We possess 35 years of extensive medical and legal experience in addition to the resources necessary to help build a solid foundation for your case. 

Our lawyers provide informed legal guidance for clients across the Ann Arbor and Detroit metro areas. We only use the best and more respected medical professionals in their fields to provide objective support for your complex case. 

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Muth Law, PC
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When you or a loved one is seriously injured, don't call an "800 number" lawyer, call Muth Law at 734-481-8800, or email us at Info@muthlawpc.com, and we will contact you shortly. All phone consultations are free and confidential. 

Free Case Evauation

Our office always offers a free consultation to learn about your situation and educate you about your options.

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