There is no holding technology back in the 21st Century. As we move forward in time, technology also moves forward in a new communication capability that is being anchored by the total launch of 5G connectivity coming on Oct. 31, 2022. However, the change is presenting unwanted circumstances for some Michigan residents ranging from the elimination of 3G device connective ability for flip phones to ceasing communication capability of even OnStar safety features installed in many cars made in the early part of the century. According to car company officials in both Japan and the United States, there is nothing that will be done to rectify the issue. The 3G removal for more spectrum is part of the plan.

The impact on highway safety

Highway safety is a serious issue in America. Agencies like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration track information regarding travel safety on America’s highways, but the switch to 5G could put agencies of this type in a predicament just like users of the Enform wireless emergency services being ended with the 3G shutdown. When motor vehicle accidents occur, these devices that have been installed in many modern vehicles provide immediate communication to 911 services and reporting of highway crashes. Delays in 911 calling could easily result in increased highway fatalities across the nation.

No current option for vehicle owners

While everyone has anticipated the 5G transition, no car owners were informed at the time of purchase of this potential inability to use the emergency connectivity services capability. Not only are new car owners concerned, but so are Michigan motor vehicle accident lawyers. Discussions with the company executives and even sales representatives have resulted in no information regarding adaptability through an alternate 4G or 5G device. Although many commercial trucks have been loaded with technology to interface with 5G tech, this upgraded feature was not installed even in many high-end passenger vehicles. And there is apparently no option in sight for these car owners.

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