It seems the majority of streets and avenues in Michigan cities see high volumes of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic these days. When speeders or reckless drivers are present, the odds for an accident increase substantially. Since those traveling by foot are totally exposed, pedestrian accidents have a higher probability of being very serious or fatal. Fortunately, the city of Detroit is taking measures to deter speeders and increase pedestrian safety.

Recently, the mayor of Detroit announced an expansion of the city’s speed hump program in an effort to combat speeding and reckless driving. The city has been installing the speed humps throughout the year in residential and high pedestrian traffic areas to increase overall safety. According to reports, around 1,200 speed humps have been installed this year, and the expansion will include the installation of 4,500 additional speed humps next year. Reports said streets near city parks and schools were top priority for speed humps this year.

Installation will start next spring on the additional 4,500 speed humps. Reportedly, the locations of these future speed humps will be determined by traffic counts, numbers of children present and speeding reports. Emphasis will be placed on streets that are used as cut-throughs or shortcuts to bypass traffic, according to city officials. One director involved with the project said the hope is that the additional speed humps will help to create safer neighborhoods across the city for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, and anyone else traveling on Detroit’s residential streets.

Tragically, any time vehicles and pedestrians are in close proximity, there will be a chance for pedestrian accidents. Those in Michigan who have been affected by a pedestrian accident caused by negligence may have the grounds to take legal action. A successful lawsuit could result in rightful compensation to help with medical expenses and other financial losses.

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