Consumers want corporations to act with social and ethical responsibility when designing products and making other business decisions. Recently, BMW pondered the role that ethics play in artificial intelligence, so people concerned about safety on Michigan roads may appreciate the auto manufacturer’s plans.

Artificial intelligence, ethics and cars

Artificial intelligence could factor into auto manufacturing and sales in several ways. AI might support safer navigation in a vehicle, and at a manufacturing plant, AI could help move the assembly line along. Vehicle drivers may focus on how artificial intelligence makes the driving experience more comfortable. With all these considerations in mind, companies like BMW may try to balance marketplace success with vehicle safety.

The self-driving car might not be commonplace on roads today, but that might change in the future. If market demand dramatically increases for self-driving cars, manufacturers may still delay the release while they address safety bugs. That would be an example of ethical behavior.

Vehicle features

Artificial intelligence integrates into motor vehicle manufacturing in several ways. Automatic seat heating reflects one subtle way the technology affects a user’s experience. AI’s ability to determine safety concerns with lane-change or blind-spot warnings is another.

Ethical issues could arise when a manufacturer develops products that may impact driver concentration. Manufacturers often advise consumers not to leave everything to AI systems. Unfortunately, manufacturers might find it challenging to convince drivers to remain vigilant on the road.

Drivers who decide to leave safety concerns to automated systems could be negligent for an accident. Not looking when changing lanes is not safe behavior, and relying solely on warning systems might not serve as a sufficient defense.

If negligence factors into a motor vehicle accident, the injured party may have a credible liability claim. Discussing potential litigation or insurance claims with an attorney may be necessary.

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