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Man being Bitten by Dog

Bitten By a Dog in Michigan - When Should I Call a Lawyer?

Dog and animal bites can cause serious, life-changing injuries, like puncture wounds, scarring, facial scars, infection and, in some instances, even death. These types of injuries often often require expensive medical procedures, often including plas… Read More
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How to best treat dog bites after being attacked

Unfortunately, man’s best friend can sometimes turn out to be not so friendly. It’s not uncommon for a dog to lash out and bite when a person approaches, no matter how affectionate and social the animal may seem. According to statistics, over 4.5… Read More
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Dog Attack Injury Concept - Friends dog bit me - Muth Law, PC

My Friend's Dog Bit Me - Should I Call a Lawyer?

Dogs mean different things to different people. For some, dogs are a lovable family pet. Other people may think of hunting dogs or the highly trained animals of a police K-9 unit. But for people who have been bitten or attacked, dogs may bring up fee… Read More
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$5,435,000 - nursing negligence leading to delayed delivery of baby and development issues

$4,975,000 - resident obstetrician and supervising physician delayed delivering baby in fetal distress causing cerebral palsy

$4,300,000 - bicyclist injured by delivery vehicle

$3,800,000 - explosion causing deaths

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