Today, there are more drivers than ever in the state of Michigan, yet many residents still choose to travel by foot. There will always be a chance for pedestrian accidents when vehicles and pedestrians utilize the same roadways. Fortunately, pedestrian safety has become a major point of emphasis here in recent years. Nearby Ann Arbor made headlines recently when the University of Michigan received a federal grant to install “smart intersections” aimed at pedestrian safety.

According to reports, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration awarded the university $9.95 million. Also, corporate partners will be contributing an additional $10 million. With the funding, the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute will be creating over 20 “smart intersections” throughout the city of Ann Arbor. The project is part of a plan to display the safety and benefits of a network of automated vehicles.

In the project, the smart intersections will be fitted with infrared sensors, radar and cameras that will send real-time movement data to nearby connected vehicles. Since Ann Arbor is a college town and many students travel by foot, pedestrian safety is a big concern. In a press release, the Director of the UM Transportation Research Institute said the project would help establish a model for a connected vehicle future and will also have immediate safety impacts. Implementation is scheduled for 2024.

Modern technology may help reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring, but it will never prevent them entirely. Those in Michigan who have suffered injuries or the loss of loved ones in pedestrian accidents can take action by contacting a seasoned attorney. By filing a lawsuit, victims and families could be awarded compensation to help with any monetary losses that may have occurred due to a tragic accident.

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