My Friend's Dog Bit Me -…

Dogs mean different things to different people. For some, dogs are a lovable family pet. Other people may think of hunting dogs or the highly trained animals of a police K-9 unit. But for people who have been bitten or attacked, dogs may bring up feelings of unease and even downright fear.

Dog bites can cause significant, catastrophic injuries, including puncture wounds, scars on the body or face, infection, and even death. People who have been bitten by dogs, especially at a young age, may have a life-long fear of animals that requires intensive psychological therapy. Injuries from dog bites may require extensive medical treatment, including reconstructive plastic surgery. Medical treatment, of course, means large medical bills. Sometimes more than you can afford to pay.

When should I call a Michigan dog bite lawyer?

If you or someone you love was attacked or bitten by a dog, you may not know what to do next. On one hand, you have mounting medical bills that you may not be able to pay. But on the other, you might be reluctant to pursue a claim against a family member or friend.

The experienced dog bite attorneys at Muth Law, P.C. have been helping people who have been attacked or bitten by dogs in Ann Arbor, and throughout Michigan, for more than 35 years. Contact our office to schedule a free, no obligation meeting with one of our lawyers. We'll listen as you tell us about your situation. We'll answer your questions and explain your options. And we'll offer advice on whether we think you have a case. During the entire process, we'll be sensitive to your concerns about filing a claim, or even a lawsuit, against a family member or friend.

How much does it cost to meet with a Michigan dog bite attorney?

At Muth Law, part of our promise is to to help you get your life back together after a devastating injury. That's why you'll never pay an attorney fee unless we recover money for you.

Of course, we're focused on maximizing your financial recovery after a serious dog bite injury. But we also understand that success is about more than just the outcome of your case - it means peace of mind for you and your family. And many times, that's about more than just money.

What will happen to the dog?

Our clients are often concerned about what will happen to the dog after it bites someone, especially when the dog is owned by a friend or family member. Usually, the answer to this question is up to you. If you wish, the attorneys at Muth Law can file a dangerous animal complaint. The case will be heard by a local judge who will determine whether the animal should be put down. If you do not want to file a dangerous animal complaint, you are not required to.

Do I have a case?

In Michigan, dog owners are responsible for any harm caused by their dog. Injuries from a dog bite or attack are almost always covered by the home owner's insurance policy of the owner. In fact, dog owners may be required to purchase additional insurance if they own a particular breed of dog. So, while your claim may technically be against the owner, who may be a family member or friend, your Michigan dog bite attorney will be working with the dog owner's insurance company. And while the attorneys at Muth Law are experienced trial lawyers, we understand that a trial against a friend or family member might not be in your best interest. Muth Law aggressively pursues pre-trial settlement for our clients who are concerned about legal action against friends and family.

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