Riding through heavy traffic on crowded city streets can be a nightmare for motorcyclists. From dealing with distracted drivers and getting cut off by other motorists, to anticipating traffic signals and pedestrians it’s no wonder that motorcycle accidents happen constantly on crowded Michigan city streets. Here are a few strategies to help motorcyclists deal with congested roadways and arrive safely to their destinations.

Driving through heavy traffic is all about anticipating the moves of other drivers. A great way to do this is to pay attention to the head movements of other drivers through their windows and mirrors. Most drivers won’t make a sudden movement without first moving their heads. For motorcyclists, the bike’s mirrors can be crucial in preventing accidents. It’s always a good idea to make sure mirrors are adjusted properly before traveling, but a rider should always remember to glance over his or her shoulder to check blind spots before changing lanes.

In traffic, it is often necessary to react quickly to avoid collisions. To help with reaction time, riders should keep their foot close to the rear brake pedal and also keep a finger or two on the handle brake lever. Many accidents happen because other drivers don’t see motorcycles due to their small profile. Motorcyclists can make themselves more visible to other drivers by wearing brightly-colored and highly-visible clothing and gear.

Motorcycles are definitely a fun way to get around. However, they can also be a dangerous way to travel due to sharing the road with so many larger vehicles. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents have a higher chance of serious injuries or death since motorcyclists are totally exposed. Those in Michigan who have suffered injury or loss due to negligence in a crash have the option to take legal action. By consulting a seasoned attorney, victims and families could be awarded much-needed compensation through a successful lawsuit.

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