For many Michigan residents, there is no better way to explore scenic roadways than behind the handlebars of a motorcycle. As the summer months approach, motorcycles will become increasingly prevalent on streets and highways across the state. However, motorcyclists are faced with unique dangers that are not present for motorists in passenger vehicles. Here are a few ways riders can reduce the odds for motorcycle accidents.

Gear up

Regardless of how warm it is, shorts and T-shirts are not proper motorcycle attire. It is important to have the proper protection when riding. Wear protective gear such as leather jackets, pants, gloves and reinforced boots. Most important of all, never ride without a helmet.

Be aware of surroundings

While mirrors are helpful, do not rely solely on them. It is important to always be aware of immediate surroundings. Riders should keep their heads and eyes up while rounding corners. When changing lanes, riders should always look over their shoulders to check blind spots.

Check the weather

The weather in Michigan can be fickle, especially during the summer. Showers can seemingly pop up out of nowhere. Always check the weather before riding and prepare ahead of time. Motorcycles can be unstable on wet roads and rain will severely limit visibility.

Although traveling by motorcycle can be fun and adventurous, motorcyclists should always stay vigilant. Motorcycles have a smaller profile and are more difficult for other drivers to spot. So practice defensive riding and stay focused. Unfortunately, due to limited protection, motorcycle accidents have a higher chance of being serious or fatal. When motorcycle accidents happen due to the negligence of another party, victims or surviving family members have the right to speak with a skilled litigator and pursue rightful damages.

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