It’s no secret that navigating crowded roadways here in Michigan can be dangerous. However, driving at night can be even more treacherous. There are many drivers who feel less confident behind the wheel during these hours. Here are a few tips to avoid car accidents when traveling at night.

Following too closely is never a good idea, but at night, tailgating should always be avoided. Visibility is lessened at night, so it can take longer to react in the event that traffic comes to a stop. Following another vehicle too closely at night means headlights can be brighter and more distracting for the car in front. Speaking of headlights, always avoid using high beams when sharing the road with other vehicles.

When taking long trips, many drivers prefer overnight driving since roadways are usually less crowded. However, it can be tougher to stay awake when driving overnight, so plan accordingly when embarking on an overnight trip. Leaving earlier just before sunset can be helpful, as the gradual transition into darkness may help the mind and eyes to adjust. Also, it is recommended to stop one’s vehicle and stretch when fatigue starts to set in.

Limited visibility at night combined with other factors, such as poor weather conditions or being tired, can make nighttime driving treacherous. However, serious and fatal motor vehicle accidents can happen at any time, day or night. Michigan residents who have been injured or suffered the loss of a loved one as a result of negligence in an accident could benefit from discussions with an experienced legal representative. A successful claim could provide monetary relief for victims and families who are overwhelmed by medical expenses in the aftermath of such an unfortunate incident.

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