There is extensive scientific evidence that diet affects your health. However, several studies also indicate that diet can affect your performance behind the wheel. According to the data, drivers whose diets consist of junk food have a higher likelihood of driving recklessly and of getting into car accidents.

What the research says

Two major recent studies have found a link between unhealthy diets and dangerous driving. A 2019 study of truck drivers in China found that those who mainly consumed fried food had a higher rate of reckless driving. This year, a study from Estonia examined more than 800 motorists. It determined that a subject’s diet had a strong correlation to crashes and convictions for driving-related offenses.

Why does fast food lead to bad driving?

But what is it about fast food that contributes to poor driving habits and accidents? Both studies suggest that fatigue is the culprit. Ingesting foods with high sugar, fat or carbohydrate content can lead to a quick boost of energy that crashes after a short while. Drivers might choose junk food for the energy surge, only to find themselves exhausted on the road. Fatigue can lead to delayed reaction time, lack of judgment and, of course, falling asleep behind the wheel.

Healthy habits and defensive driving are key

It seems unfair that anyone should have to suffer an accident because of another driver’s junk food habit or negligence while driving, but it happens far too often. All that individuals can do is take care of themselves through nutrition, exercise and adequate sleep. As for handling dangerous drivers on the road, every motorist should practice defensive driving and adhere to the traffic laws.

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