It’s no secret that populations are increasing across the beautiful state of Michigan, causing roadways to become overcrowded and congested. Accidents can happen without warning in the blink of an eye. On crowded streets and highways, the biggest question is not if accidents will happen, but when. There are certain precautions drivers can take to reduce the likelihood of motor vehicle accidents occurring, such as avoiding distractions and staying focused at all times behind the wheel. However, many crashes are completely unpredictable and unavoidable.

A recent crash in Detroit resulted in two drivers suffering very serious injuries. The accident happened during the overnight hours in the area of Greenfield and Clarita near Seven Mile. According to reports, a sedan was traveling west on Clarita and collided with another sedan near a stop sign.

Authorities said the drivers of both vehicles were seriously injured and rushed to a local hospital for treatment. Police believe the driver of the westbound sedan ran the stop and crashed into the other vehicle. The accident remains under investigation and anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Detroit Police Department.

Roadways in Michigan are becoming more crowded and more dangerous with each passing day. Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents will continue to rise. Those who have suffered injuries or the loss of a loved one due to negligence in an accident could benefit by seeking the services of a seasoned litigator. A successful lawsuit could result in substantial compensation to help victims and families recoup any financial losses that may have occurred due to a traumatic accident.

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