It goes without saying that no person expects to be involved in an accident. However, nearly all Michigan drivers will experience car accidents at some point in their lives. As if dealing with an accident isn’t stressful enough, what a person says to an insurance adjuster following a car accident is a crucial part of how claims are handled and can play a role in potential compensation.

Never admit fault

The goal of an insurance adjuster is to help his or her company avoid paying out claims. Adjusters are often trained in active listening, and are looking for ways to negate fault on the part of their insurance company. Keep this in mind and never admit fault. Stay calm, be straight to the point and do not even speculate on who was at fault in the accident.

Never make a recorded statement

Regardless of what an insurance adjuster says or leads one to believe, those who are involved in a car accident are not required to give a recorded statement. Some insurance adjusters may ask a person to make a statement for the record hoping that the person says yes. Always decline. When a person involved in a car accident gives a recorded statement, he or she only gives the adjuster more potential things to use against them.

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Dealing with an insurance claims adjuster is rarely easy, especially after being involved in a car accident. Victims of car accidents in Michigan who feel overwhelmed or need assistance in dealing with insurance companies can get the help they need by contacting an experienced legal representative. A knowledgeable attorney can assess the situation and guide victims through this challenging experience.

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