For many residents of Michigan cities, walking is the main form of transportation, especially during the warmer months. These days, there are literally pedestrians everywhere. There are also more vehicles on the road than ever before. Anytime there are pedestrians and vehicles in close proximity, pedestrian accidents will happen. Tragically, accidents involving pedestrians have a higher chance of being fatal since pedestrians are minimally protected and totally exposed.

The Michigan State Police are currently investigating a recent accident in Milan that resulted in the deaths of two pedestrians. The accident happened on Milan-Oakville Road and Gooding Road during the afternoon hours. According to police reports, an SUV traveling east on Milan-Oakville Road swerved for unknown reasons and struck two pedestrians.

Reportedly, the SUV quickly fled the scene after hitting the pedestrians. Tragically, the two pedestrians were killed in the tragic crash, authorities said. Reports said a man was recently arrested in connection with the hit-and-run accident. However, the accident remains under investigation as officers said they are still searching for a black or gray-colored SUV that was involved in the incident.

In recent years, there have been many infrastructure improvements and law enforcement efforts across the state of Michigan aimed at pedestrian safety. Despite these efforts, cities in Michigan continue to be plagued by high numbers of pedestrian accidents. Those who have suffered injuries or the loss of loved ones in pedestrian accidents could benefit from discussions with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney. A lawsuit, if successful, could result in vital compensation to help families with medical expenses and other documented damages.

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