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Nurses work hard, and most of the time they provide excellent care. When we're hospitalized, we may see our doctors for a few minutes once or twice a day, but nurses are the ones who provide the most care. They're also indispensable to doctors during surgery. As a general rule, nurses are compassionate and competent caregivers, and patients depend on them.

That's why it can be so difficult to acknowledge that a nursing error caused an injury to a patient. But nurses are human, and like other humans, they often make errors in their work. Some of these mistakes are harmless or quickly corrected. But others can cause patients serious injury or death.

Why Nursing Errors are on the Rise

The struggling economy of recent years has affected hospitals just like everyone else. Nursing staffs have shrunk and nurses must work longer hours and mandatory overtime. To further save hospitals money, nursing aides with little medical training are giving care formerly provided by nurses.

Because of the increased demands on nurses, they are responsible for more work and are interrupted more often in the middle of tasks. Poorly trained aides may not have the experience or skill to recognize when a patient needs more help than they can provide. In light of these things, it's easy to see how mistakes can happen.

But if you are the one a serious mistake happens to, you and your family shouldn't have to bear the consequences and expense of making things right. Someone should be looking out for you.

Our Family Helping Your Family Recover from Nursing Errors

At Muth Law, we understand how difficult it can be to think about legal action against someone who was caring for you, maybe even someone you really liked. But as experienced Ann Arbor personal injury attorneys, we've also seen clients and their families struggle to make their way back from an injury that never should have happened in the first place. We know how difficult the road can be. We want to help you navigate it.

We offer our clients an attentive ear, well-informed, straightforward legal advice, and support through the process of seeking recovery for nursing errors. We want to partner with you and your family: you focus on healing, and we'll focus on taking care of your legal matter. And you'll never have to pay us a legal fee unless we recover money for you--one more worry off of your plate.

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