Warm days and summer breezes are a welcome invitation for motorcyclists to take to the roads. Being able to enjoy the thrill of a motorcycle is exciting, but it does come with additional risks. Bikes have fewer safety features than cars and are harder to see on the road, which results in a dangerous combination.

In addition to the summer season, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally takes place every August, and calls out to bikers across the country. While the weeklong festival may not mean a lot to non-bike drivers, it does mean that they need to take extra precautions for these drivers.

How you can prepare for more cyclists

Motorcycles behave as though they have a different set of rules on the road, which means that the rest of the drivers need to behave differently to drive with them on the road. Some extra precautions that everyone should take include:

  • Double-check your blindspots – motorcycles are considerably smaller than cars and can vanish inside of several blindspots in a vehicle. Before changing lanes, make sure that no one has found their way into these small blindspots.
  • Look between lanes – cyclists often drive between lanes to get through traffic. This can be one of the last places that others expect to see a driver, so make sure you know whether or not someone is sneaking your way between lanes.
  • Extend your attention area – people driving motorcycles can also speed more than other cars, meaning that they can enter your immediate area much faster than other vehicles. Combined with more blindspots and irregular driving patterns, it is easy for a motorcycle to seem to come out of nowhere.

There is a reason for the “start seeing motorcycles” bumper stickers. These smaller vehicles are harder to notice, and it is everyone’s responsibility to pay attention to the road around them.

Stay vigilant

Motorcycles use the road in different ways than other drivers. Keep aware of your blindspots, range of attention, and between lanes to ensure that you do not find yourself in an accident with a motorcycle.

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