Imagine driving down the highway, running late for work, and suddenly being cut off by a careless driver, or getting stuck in a huge traffic jam. Scenarios such as these are often triggers for angry responses behind the wheel known as road rage. Road rage is responsible for thousands of car accidents every year. Here’s why it happens and how Michigan drivers can stop it from happening to them.

What is road rage?

Common stereotypes portray road rage as an outward expression of anger. Common examples of road rage range from gestures like shaking a fist to actual violent assault. However, recent research has shown that, to many people, road rage is more of a feeling they experience even if they do not physically act upon it. Road rage is something that will happen to nearly all drivers at some point.

Why it happens and how to stop it

When a person experiences an inconsiderate act from another driver, he or she will often feel a surge of adrenaline, which may compound frustration. Also, the feeling of being anonymous and secure inside the confines of one’s car can make an individual do things he or she wouldn’t do under normal circumstances. To help avoid road rage, keep in mind that the actions of other drivers are uncontrollable. When anger starts to build, it is often helpful to take a few deep breaths and use it as a reminder to decompress.

Unfortunately, there will always be drivers who succumb to road rage or commit careless acts behind the wheel. Those in Michigan who suffer injuries or the loss of loved ones due to negligence in car accidents have the right to take action and consult a legal representative. A successfully litigated lawsuit could supply victims and families with much-needed and deserved compensation.

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