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Overloaded Truck Accidents

Semi-trucks are common on Michigan roadways, and they play an important role in our economy as they transport goods around the state and across the country. But when an overloaded truck or 18-wheeler causes a car crash, the results are often catastro… Read More
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semi truck with its hood up

Truck Accidents Due to Mechanical Failure

Just like any piece of machinery, large trucks and 18-wheelers need routine inspections and maintenance. Unfortunately, too many truck drivers, owner-operators, and trucking companies put profits ahead of people and skip these routine inspection and… Read More
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truck accident in the winter

Truck Accidents Caused by Bad Weather Conditions

It should come as no surprise that winter weather in Michigan can quickly turn bad, and that bad weather is a common cause of roadway accidents. But when bad weather causes a truck accident, the results can be catastrophic. You need an experienced tr… Read More
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Changes to Michigan Auto Insurance Law

Beginning in July of 2020, Michigan’s “No-Fault” Auto Insurance law will go through serious modifications. Prior to the changes that take effect in 2020, only one policy of insurance was available to buyers: “unlimited PIP.… Read More
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Truck Accident Concept

Trucking Accidents: Catastrophic, Complex Collisions

When an 18-wheeler or other large commercial vehicle collides with a car or bicycle, the results are almost always catastrophic. Read More
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$5,435,000 - nursing negligence leading to delayed delivery of baby and development issues

$4,975,000 - resident obstetrician and supervising physician delayed delivering baby in fetal distress causing cerebral palsy

$4,300,000 - bicyclist injured by delivery vehicle

$3,800,000 - explosion causing deaths

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