Recent crash statistics have left Michigan safety officials perplexed. Figures show a decrease in the number of drivers on the road and a drop in the number of overall crashes. This would normally be welcome news, but experts say that the rate of fatalities in the state due to car accidents has gone up. Law enforcement and other safety experts say they will use this data to determine how to keep people safe.

Over 700 people died in traffic accidents, counting from the start of the year until just over midway through last month. The same time period last year only saw 689 fatalities. Though this increase isn’t a large one, the fact that the rate of crashes overall has gone down, by 20%, tells officials that when collisions do happen, they are more likely to prove deadly.

Experts believe that the reduced traffic is encouraging people to drive at an excessive speed. They also point to dangerous driver behavior such as failing to wear a seat belt and tailgating. Law enforcement plans to target these issues in social media posts reminding the public of what they call the “basics” of good driver behavior. The final numbers won’t be deemed official until all of the numbers are in after the end of the year.

Whatever those final numbers reveal, those who lose loved ones to another driver’s recklessness simply want responsible parties held accountable. Car accidents due to someone else’s careless actions should never happen, but if they do, there are ways for victims to receive monetary compensation to help them through such a difficult time. Michigan families in this situation may want to talk with a personal injury attorney who can offer guidance in as they pursue justice.

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