While numerous factors play into the severity of a motor vehicle collision, even a seemingly minor crash can have devastating consequences. Based on the speed of the vehicles, an individual’s position in the vehicle or the person’s medical history vehicle occupants can struggle with catastrophic injuries that could impact their entire family.

Even though the types of potential injuries occupy a near-infinite list, there are three injuries that can impact an individual’s entire future, both personally and professionally:

  • Traumatic brain injuries: Whether it is a closed-head injury or a penetrating head wound, a traumatic brain injury, often shortened to TBI, can have profound effects on memory, movement or cognitive ability. TBI can lead to bouts of unconsciousness, loss of perceptive acuity, trouble speaking or memory challenges. A TBI can make it difficult for an individual to maintain gainful employment.
  • Paralysis: Spinal cord damage can lead to numerous types of paralysis. From hemiplegia and uniplegia to paraplegia and quadriplegia, the position of the injury has a direct impact on the type of damage. Individuals can suffer a loss of sensation, a loss of movement control or both. Also, the paralysis can impact the internal organs in addition to limbs and extremities.
  • Amputation: In some collisions, an individual can have an appendage crushed or sheared off. With some extreme examples of burn damage, the limb must be amputated to prevent chronic issues. The loss of hands, feet, arms or legs can have a catastrophic impact on the path an individual’s life takes.

Even though many people might feel they have suffered only a minor collision, the full impact of the crash might not be readily apparent. It is wise to seek a thorough medical examination to fully understand the impact of your injuries.

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