Recent Settlements and Judgments*

$5,435,000 - nursing negligence leading to delayed delivery of baby and development issues

$4,975,000 - resident obstetrician and supervising physician delayed delivering baby in fetal distress causing cerebral palsy

$4,300,000 - bicyclist injured by delivery vehicle

$3,800,000 - explosion causing deaths

$3,250,000 - failure to diagnose epidural abscess in patient's spinal canal, leaving him a paraplegic

$3,250,000 - failure to diagnose herniated disk in cervical spine, negligence of emergency room and radiology staff, resulting in quadriplegia

$3,000,000 - delay in diagnosing group B strep infection causes cerebral palsy

$3,000,000 - physician's delay in delivery of baby with fetal distress causes cerebral palsy

$2,750,000 - gas tank explodes on car after collision, burning driver

$2,300,000 - client loses leg due to nursing error in intensive care unit

$2,000,000 - inappropriate transfer of patient to another hospital

$1,900,000 - failure to take and appreciate x-ray following hip replacement leads to fracture, infection and long hospitalization

$1,750,000 - mother bleeds to death after delivery of baby

$1,700,000 - physician's error providing wrong medication to patient who is allergic to it resulting in collapse and death

$1,500,000 - semi-truck driver blocks the road causing injury to other motorists

$1,500,000 - construction crane collapses injuring construction worker

$1,300,000 - emergency room doctor fails to diagnose bowel perforation, resulting in sepsis and death

$1,200,000 - semi-truck executed unsafe U-turn killing driver of another car

$1,200,000 - a semi-truck made an unsafe U-turn resulting in the death of the driver of another car

$1,000,000 - delay in diagnosing bacterial meningitis causes deafness

$700,000 - death due to failure to diagnose heart attack

$700,000 - shoulder injury due to faulty surgical equipment

$625,000 - motor vehicle accident, client sustained closed head injury

$525,000 - recovery against mobile home park for shooting by a co-tenant resulting in the death of clients

$450,000 - mother falls at hospital, uterus ruptures, delivers s stillborn bab

$400,000 - nursing error, providing wrong prescription medication precipitating cardiac arrest and resuscitation

$400,000 - misdiagnosis of client with bowel obstruction leading to sepsis and death

$400,000 - pap smear is misread, subsequent development of cervical cancer

$300,000 - failure to monitor bedridden patient for the development of bed sores and infection

$300,000 - delay in diagnosis of prostate cancer

$150,000 - drop of patient from a Hoyer lift in the hospital

$150,000 - failure to monitor terminal cancer patient's breathing leading to respiratory arrest

$120,000 - dog bite to client's lower leg from escaped junkyard dog

$100,000 - fractured leg in motor vehicle accident

$100,000 - pedestrian backed into at gas station suffering fractured leg

$80,000 - extravasation of IV fluid from IV injures patient's hand

$75,000 - junior high school wrestler injured by coach who fails to follow safety rules

*Disclaimer - Some of these verdicts and settlements were obtained by Andrew Muth and/or Benjamin Muth under the law firm Andrew S. Muth, P.C. and/or Muth Law, PC.