Walking is a primary form of transportation and recreation for many who live in Michigan cities. Nearly every person is a pedestrian at some point as city sidewalks are bustling with foot traffic at seemingly all hours of the day. Unfortunately, any time pedestrians and vehicles are in close proximity, there will be a chance for pedestrian accidents. The city of Jackson, Michigan, is taking action to increase pedestrian safety near a popular medical center.

Pedestrian island

The City Council in Jackson recently voted to collaborate with the Michigan Department of Transportation to construct a pedestrian island and a rapid flashing beacon near a high-traffic area. The new pedestrian island will be installed in front of Henry Ford Allegiance Health E. Michigan Avenue to boost the safety of pedestrians who are crossing the street. Reportedly, the pedestrian crossing is also being moved to the middle of the block so pedestrians will be more noticeable to vehicles.

Concerns for safety

The upcoming project arose from Henry Ford Allegiance Health employees expressing concerns for the safety of people who were crossing the street to get to the hospital. Many employees say that they have had close calls with vehicles while walking to work. Earlier this year, reports said two hospital employees were struck by vehicles as they crossed the street to go to work, one of whom was hospitalized.

Hopefully, the new pedestrian island will improve the safety of both pedestrians and drivers. Tragically, pedestrian accidents have a higher chance of being serious or fatal since pedestrians are minimally protected and totally exposed. Those in Michigan who have suffered injuries or the loss of a loved one due to negligence in a pedestrian accident reserve the right to take legal action. A successful lawsuit could result in compensation to provide victims and families with much-needed monetary relief.

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