Nearly all drivers in Michigan make mistakes from time to time. Then there the drivers that act so foolishly that you can only laugh about the car accidents they caused — as long as nobody was seriously hurt.

Stupid car accident stories

Here are some funny examples of auto accidents, as told by the drivers that caused them or others involved:

  • “I once tried to make a U-turn from the right-hand lane… in a five-lane busy street. Yeah, I hit another car. The ’99 Camry I hit had a crumpled front fender and $2,000 worth of damage. Learned a lesson there, I did.”
  • “We were at a McDonald’s drive-thru and we had ordered ten double cheeseburgers. [The driver] started to pull forward when I told her we were missing one burger. I guess she wanted to back up but didn’t put the car in reverse, so she accelerated right into one of those yellow poles… and I counted wrong. We did have all our burgers.”
  • “Saw the cutest dog. Stared at dog, rear-ended car ahead of me. Luckily there was no damage and the guy laughed it off. Very embarrassing though.”
  • “There was a really hot guy walking on the sidewalk, someone honked because the light turned green and I pushed on the gas in a haze and hit the person in front of me while still staring at the adjacent Adonis.”
  • “Someone was following me and when I was forced to come to a stop he came out to my door and spat in my face. I stepped out the deal with the situation [and] my vehicle drove into the bus in front of it. I had left it in drive.”
  • “I didn’t pull the handbrake in my first car that was a manual. It just rolled into the street and hit a pole.”
  • “I had just driven into a parking garage maybe 100 yards long. The gate was closed behind me. There was no place for me to go but forward. Someone at the far end put it into reverse and started backing up. The person sitting next to me said, ‘He’s gonna back into you.’ I said, ‘No way. He has to look back before he gets to me.’ We watched for about 30 seconds as he continued to back up. I lost the bet.”

We are glad that the people in these stories walked away from their accidents with nothing more than some fender damage and an amusing story. Unfortunately, many car crashes are serious and life-changing. A driver or passenger who suffers injuries due to another driver’s ridiculous mistakes may be entitled to compensation.

To learn more about your legal options following a car accident, consult an experienced personal injury attorney.

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