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A fully loaded semi-truck weighs up to 80,000 pounds. When it collides with a passenger vehicle weighing approximately 4,000 pounds, the results can be catastrophic.

If you were hurt in a trucking accident, seek medical attention for your injuries. Then contact an experienced truck accident injury attorney to seek compensation for your injuries.

Common Injuries in Michigan Truck Accidents

Because semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles are so much larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, injuries caused by collisions involving a semi-truck are almost always severe. In many cases, the victim is seriously injured, and sometimes killed. The horrific injuries sustained in a truck accident can require years of treatment, and many people never make a full recovery.

Injuries to the Head, Neck, and Back

Whiplash is common in any automobile accident. But when the accident involves a semi-truck, whiplash injuries can cause fractured vertebrae and herniated discs in the neck and spine. Because your neck and back are critical to so many movements, a serious neck or back injury can cause permanent damage that seriously affects your quality of life.


A truck colliding with another vehicle generates massive forces. When the body is thrown around inside the cabin of a passenger vehicle, broken bones are common.

Burn Injuries

Fuel or hazardous cargo can ignite in a truck accident and cause a fire that leads to severe burn injuries. People who suffer burn injuries often endure significant pain and suffering and may experience scars that last a lifetime. Treatment for burn injuries often involves painful and expensive surgeries that can take months to heal.

Head Injuries and Traumatic Brain Injury

When a passenger’s head is thrown violently back and forth during a truck accident, it may strike the inside of the vehicle and compress the brain against the inside of the victim’s skull. This violent action can lead to head trauma and traumatic brain injury (TBI). These injuries may take time to appear, but they can have severe and long-lasting results. Victims of TBI may suffer from confusion, nausea, vision problems, headaches, and other cognitive difficulties. Head injuries can cause loss of cognitive and motor functions. Some people never fully recover.

Internal Injuries

When the body strikes the inside of the vehicle or other hard surfaces or is compressed by the seatbelt, blunt-force trauma can cause damage and injury to internal organs. These injuries can be life-threatening and are difficult to treat.

Cuts and Lacerations

Sharp objects like glass and metal can cause cuts, scrapes, and lacerations that result in scars that may never fully heal.

Amputation and Disfigurement

A truck accident can cause the loss of a limb or other serious disfigurement due to burns or other trauma. The injuries may require amputation and the need for prosthetics and adaptive devices, and caretakers who assist with daily activities.

Spinal Cord Injuries and Paralysis

Neck and spinal cord injuries suffered in a truck accident can result in partial or complete paralysis.

Wrongful Death

Semi-truck accidents are ten times more likely than crashes involving other types of vehicles to result in wrongful death.

Compensation for Truck Accident Injuries

If you were injured or someone you love was killed in a Michigan truck accident, Muth Law, P.C. can help. We know that injuries suffered in a trucking accident can devastate a family. While we cannot heal your injuries, we can fight for compensation from the people that caused them.

At Muth Law, our attorneys represent honest, hard-working people who take pride in providing for themselves and their families. When their ability to earn a living has been taken away because of someone else’s negligence, we fight for the compensation they deserve. While we understand that no amount of money will fully make up for the pain and suffering that results from serious injuries or the loss of a loved one due to a trucking accident, monetary compensation can pay for the cost of past and future medical bills, counseling, and other expenses. It will also replace lost income and repair any property that was damaged in the collision.

If you were injured or someone you love was killed in a truck accident, let the personal injury attorneys at Muth Law handle the legal and financial worries so you can concentrate on your health and your family.

Contact us today to schedule a free, confidential consultation to discuss your truck accident injury and how we can help. Call us at 734-481-8800 or send us an e-mail. We look forward to serving your family.

Muth Law proudly represents people in Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, and Washtenaw County, and throughout Michigan. We handle truck accident injury cases on a contingency fee, which means you will not pay us a fee unless we recover money for you.

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